Harry Beaumont

Harry Beaumont

director, actor, writer

Harry Beaumont was born on Feb 10, 1888 in USA. Harry Beaumont's big-screen debut came with Burning the Candle directed by Harry Beaumont in 1917. Harry Beaumont is known for A Single Man directed by Harry Beaumont, Lew Cody stars as Robin Worthington and Aileen Pringle as Mary Hazeltine. The upcoming new movie Harry Beaumont plays is Alias a Gentleman which will be released on Feb 03, 1948.

Born in Abilene, KS, in 1888, Harry Beaumont started his show-business career early--he quit school to become an actor in a traveling stock company, and eventually made his way to the New York stage. In 1912 he began working as a film actor for Edison studios--which was headquartered across the river in New Jersey--in everything from two-reel shorts to serials, and also began writing screenplays. He began directing in 1915, stayed with Edison for a year and then went over to Essanay Studios. He soon made the rounds of other studios as a director, and got a reputation as an efficient craftsman who could bring in films on time and within budget, which guaranteed him work. His most productive period was in the 1920s, when he worked in the rarefied atmosphere of MGM--the "Tiffany" of studios--directing such major productions as La rue des vipères (1923) and Beau Brummel (1924), and MGM entrusted him with the careers of such major stars as Joan Crawford and John Barrymore. The studio awarded him the honor of making its first sound musical, The Broadway Melody (1929), which won an Oscar for Best Picture. Unfortunately, that picture was pretty much the pinnacle of his career; he continued directing, mainly at MGM, into the 1940s, but none of his subsequent films rose much above the "B" level. He directed his last film, Alias a Gentleman (1948), in 1948, and died in Santa Monica, CA, in 1966.

  • Birthday

    Feb 10, 1888
  • Place of Birth

    Abilene, Kansas, USA

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