Gregory Patrick Agnew

Gregory Patrick Agnew

actor, writer, producer

Gregory Patrick Agnew was born on Jun 10, 1965 in USA. Gregory Patrick Agnew's big-screen debut came with Jimmy and Judy directed by Randall Rubin in 2006, strarring Judy's Father (uncredited). Gregory Patrick Agnew is known for Clever Girl directed by Joe Zappa, Kip Bennett stars as Chris Schaefer and Tifani Winkfield as Denise Dobkin. The most recent award Gregory Patrick Agnew achieved is Actors Awards, Los Angeles. The upcoming new movie Gregory Patrick Agnew plays is Darkest Edge which will be released on Mar 15, 2020.

Like most actors, his first awakening to the theater world came to him when he saw his first movie. Unfortunately he never did anything about it until later on in high school when he took a whole year of drama. Also being wanna be singer songwriter, it was a great time when he began to discover how music and drama could really work together. Something he would allow to stay dormant for another ten years.As Johnny D said, "he was born in the summer of his twenty seventh year," Gregory Patrick Agnew was born in the summer of his twenty ninth. He began taking his music to the coffee joints, bars, and any place where people would listen. At the same resurrected his studies in the theater. Around the age of 35, after six years of failed attempts of breaking into the music business, three music collections (Cappuccino Moon, I Just Blow Smoke, and Shadows in the Harbor) Gregory took a break for another three years and reemerged as an actor. As a New Year's resolution in 2004 he chose to act and he has been at it every since. On February 14th, 2004, he played the small comically relief part of Mr. Thompson in Mike Haverkamp's, "Autumn Leaves," which was just released in 2005 and premiered at the SMMASH Film Festival in Excelsior, Minnesota. At the same time he was stage manager for a local theater group's production of "Last of the Red Hot Lovers." Two more play followed that year where he landed the part of "Richard Roseman in the play, "If Mama Can't Save You," and a lead role in George Bernard Shaw's "Village Wooing." Since then he has played various parts in 14 different independent films. He has found a niche as a character actor for all the middle age parts. As 2006 unfolds you will see more of his work that he has done since starting his acting career in 2004. Look for him as Judy's father in "Jimmy and Judy" (staring Edward Furlong and Rachel Bella), as Officer Washington in Mark Burchett's new feature, "Hell O Ween," as Norm Blanchett in Steven King's, "Nona," and as Calvin Mandrez in "The Blanheim Oranges." Those are to name a few. As a musician and singer/songwriter his music has began to get some recognition in digital distribution. Most of his music is available online from Apple's I-Tunes to Music Match and the New Naptser. Gregory shelved the promotion of his original release of "Cappuccino Moon" and is hoping to re-release a new version of the project by summer of 2006.As an actor, a singer songwriter, and as an entertainment artist, the work of Gregory Patrick Agnew will hopefully unfold as does his career.

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    Jun 10, 1965
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    Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

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Actors Awards, Los Angeles
Best Ensemble
Winner - Jury Prize

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