Giselle G Töngi

Giselle G Töngi

actress, producer, writer

Giselle G Töngi was born on Jun 14, 1978 in France. Giselle G Töngi's big-screen debut came with Wala ka nang puwang sa mundo directed by Ronnie Ricketts in 1997.

Giselle Töngi, known to her community & fans simply as "G", is a familiar and respected figure in the Filipino/FilAm community. She has long been active in the entertainment industry with over 2 decades of TV & film experience in both the Philippine and Filipino-American markets.Primarily recognized for her award winning acting in film, TV & theater in the Philippines, Töngi is also a writer and producer. Her past work includes the short film "Pinoy Grease" , produced at UCLA, "Pinoy Tango", as well as "The Balikbayan Project: With the Bascos," a 13-part travel series about a second generation Fil-Am family's experience in the Philippines, acquired by GMA Pinoy International ."G" is a graduate of UCS with a Communications degree in mass/new Media with a double minor in film and theater. She is more recently defined by the many roles she plays off the stage. She has actively participated in or hosted many events and fundraisers in the Filipino-American community. Her personal goals have always been aligned with melding her own bi-cultural identity.Growing up in the Philippines and America has given her a unique perspective, allowing her to value the importance of her roots. Töngi says that "to be able to bridge the gap between my own 2 cultures by creating content specifically for Fil-Ams such as myself is truly the focus of my professional career. To be able to be a voice in my Filipino community and be given the chance to represent the Fil Am experience is also a way to define our culture and identity, which I take very seriously. This keeps me aligned with other people who are also working toward reuniting other fellow Fil-Ams together. "Her most recent work on terrestrial television was with "Kababayan Today", the only daily talk show and program for the Filipino American community that aired on KSCI-TV/LA18 in Southern California, KIKU-TV in Hawaii and worldwide on TV5. Online the views of the show with her at the helm have garnered close to 13 million views.

  • Birthday

    Jun 14, 1978
  • Place of Birth

    Paris, France

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