Gay Renee

Gay Renee


Gay Renee was born on Aug 05, 1974 in USA. Gay Renee's big-screen debut came with Thank You, Good Night directed by D. Charles Griffith in 2002.

Gail was attracted to all of the dramatic arts as a child. She performed in ,"The Nutcracker," in Boston and in ,"Annie ," in school. She went to college at Florida Atlantic University, majored in International Business and Drama. She moved to New York City and continued her acting training at Stella Adler, Terry Schreiber Studios, Black Nexxus. Her first two roles were on the series 'OZ, on HBO. She performed in many black box and off-Broadway theater's in New York. Her credits including Gabriel's Oboe at the Pantheon Theater on 42st & Pluto Squared. She met Martin Guigui in New York and recently did a film with him called, Cattle Call (2006). Gail has just moved to Hollywood.

  • Birthday

    Aug 05, 1974
  • Place of Birth

    Malden, Massachusetts, USA

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