Fred Shields

Fred Shields


Fred Shields was born on May 18, 1904 in USA. Fred Shields's big-screen debut came with Bambi directed by James Algar in 1942, strarring Great Prince of the Forest (voice, uncredited). Fred Shields is known for Bambi directed by James Algar, Hardie Albright stars as Adolescent Bambi and Stan Alexander as Young Flower. The upcoming new movie Fred Shields plays is Pedro which will be released on May 13, 1955.

In Kansas City, Shields owned a theatre group, The Playmakers, and performed in stage plays. He also worked as a newscaster for WDAF radio. In 1929, he announced the plane flight of Germany's Graf Zeppelin over the U.S. In 1930, he came to Hollywood, CA, with Ger, his wife, Karena, and daughter, Evelyn. He was employed as the Station Manager for KTM Los Angeles. In 1939, he was President of the American Federation of Radio Artists. From 1940 to he 1965, he was the announcer on the Alka Seltzer News, KHJ, Hollywood. He also played Mr. Archer on "Meet Corliss Archer" both on CBS radio and television (Meet Corliss Archer (1950)).

  • Birthday

    May 18, 1904
  • Place of Birth

    Kansas City, Missouri, USA

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