Fileena Bahris

Fileena Bahris

actress, costume and wardrobe department, producer

Fileena Bahris was born on Jul 22, 1970 in USA. Fileena Bahris's big-screen debut came with The Fan directed by Tony Scott in 1996. Fileena Bahris is known for The Wolf of Wall Street directed by Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio stars as Jordan Belfort and Jonah Hill as Donnie Azoff. The upcoming new movie Fileena Bahris plays is Jurassic World: Dominion which will be released on Jun 10, 2022.

Actress Fileena Bahris lives on the island of Maui and is the Co-Owner of Designs by Fileena Jewelry for Film & Television and Madbahr Productions. Fileena is well known throughout the Film industry for her one of a kind Jewelery designs. After designing Jewelry for Star Wars- Episode III -Revenge Of The Sith. The $6000 Mace Windu inspired "Shooting Star Collection" Official " Star Wars" Charity Necklace, was donated for auction to help Artists for a New South Africa.The rest followed in the wake of Star Wars. Fileena Bahris began designing jewelry for Television & Film as well as designing for the Academy Awards, Golden Globes, Grammys, Emmys, Cannes Film Festival. Etc.Her work as a Celebrity Jewelery Designer has been featured on MTV, Desperate Housewives, Gene Simons Family Jewels, Big Bang Theory, The Simple Life, Real World, Dismissed, Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight, Jay Leno, & Larry King just to name a few. "Designs by Fileena" has been Featured in films such as Vice, Stuck, Crocs, The Ninth Cloud The Way, Never Surrender, Stuck and Star Wars Revenge of the Sith.As Fileena continued to design more & more for the industry, she began to Produce Films & Act with the encouragement & help from so many amazing people in this industry, who Fileena says showed her about acting, producing, negotiating, finance, & all things imaginable that are film related . Without all the insurmountable kindness of the people who believed in her and who gave her an opportunity, Fileena often says she never stood a chance without them.As Fileena continues to pursue her dreams acting and producing films as well as designing jewelery, her underlying passion always remains Charities & the the promoting of Human & Animal welfare and the reduction of suffering in any small way she can help bring more awareness to these issues.

  • Birthday

    Jul 22, 1970
  • Place of Birth

    Alameda County, California, USA

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