Fay Kanin

Fay Kanin

writer, producer, actress

Fay Kanin was born on May 09, 1917 in USA. Fay Kanin's big-screen debut came with Sunday Punch directed by David Miller in 1942. Fay Kanin is known for Heartsounds directed by Glenn Jordan, Mary Tyler Moore stars as Martha Weinman Lear and James Garner as Harold Lear. Fay Kanin has got 10 awards and 7 nominations so far. The most recent award Fay Kanin achieved is Writers Guild of America, USA. The upcoming new movie Fay Kanin plays is Heartsounds which will be released on Sep 30, 1984.

This screenwriter and playwright began working in Hollywood in the early 1940s, usually in collaboration with her husband, Michael Kanin, and blossomed after his retirement as a writer and producer of some of the small screen's most distinguished TV-movies. Statuesque, articulate, with the air of a socialite, Fay Kanin became an industry leader through her presidency of the Academy of Motion Arts and Sciences, 1979-1983.Born Fay Mitchell in New York City, she married Michael Kanin in 1940, a few years after he had abandoned a career as a commercial artist and had begun writing. They moved to Hollywood, where, in 1942, he won an Academy Award for co-writing La femme de l'année (1942), the film that launched the Tracy-Hepburn screen collaboration. Kanin's career was slower to start. In 1942, she contributed the story to Blondie for Victory (1942), one of the low-budget second feature series based on the popular comic strip by Chic Young, and, with her husband and Allen Rivkin, co-wrote Sunday Punch (1942), a second feature for MGM about a chorine living in a boarding house with boxers. She even made an appearance as an actor in Othello (1947), co-written by her brother-in-law Garson Kanin and his wife, Ruth Gordon.Kanin went to Broadway in 1949 with "Goodbye My Fancy", about a female congressional representative renewing past loves, which her husband produced. (The movie, La flamme du passé (1951), was filmed by Vincent Sherman in 1951, with Joan Crawford and Robert Young co-starring). The Kanins returned to Hollywood in the early 50s, where they developed into one of the more successful of many wife-husband writing teams (i.e., Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, Phoebe Ephron and Henry Ephron, Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon). They wrote My Pal Gus (1952), in which Richard Widmark becomes a good father and falls in love with Joanne Dru, Rhapsodie (1954), an Elizabeth Taylor vehicle, The Opposite Sex (1956), a musical remake of "The Women", and earned an Oscar nomination for Le Chou-chou du professeur (1958), in which newspaper editor Clark Gable and journalism teacher Doris Day fall in love.Michael Kanin's interest in writing waned in the late 60s, so she moved into writing solo, generally scripting TV-movies, beginning with Heat of Anger (1972) (CBS, 1972). In 1974, she wrote Tell Me Where It Hurts (1974), a CBS movie starring Maureen Stapleton as a woman who has raised her children, been a wife, and now wants something more. The script won Kanin an Emmy. The following year, she wrote and was associate producer of Racolage (1975) (ABC), which launched the career of Jill Clayburgh, who played a prostitute recounting her life to a reporter (Lee Remick). Kanin went on to write and co-produce the Emmy-winning Mort au combat (1979) (ABC, 1979), a heralded TV-movie starring Carol Burnett as a mother who challenges the military to get to the bottom of how her son died in Vietnam. Kanin and Lillian Gallo, who had produced "Hustling", formed a production company in 1980, which yielded Fun and Games (1980) (ABC), starring Valerie Harper in a tale of sexual harassment and gender discrimination in the workplace. Kanin then wrote Heartsounds (1984) for producer Norman Lear, the story of a woman (Mary Tyler Moore) and her travails as her husband (James Garner) copes with heart disease which consumes their lives.Kanin made a brief return to Broadway in 1985 with the Tony-nominated musical, "Grind", adapted from an unproduced screenplay. Even after her tenure as president of the AMPAS ended in 1983, she remained an articulate industry spokesperson on such matters as film preservation and a social leader.

  • Birthday

    May 09, 1917
  • Place of Birth

    New York City, New York, USA

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10 wins & 7 nominations

Writers Guild of America, USA
Winner - Edmund H. North Award
Winner - Morgan Cox Award
Winner - Valentine Davies Award
Humanitas Prize
Winner - Kieser Award
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