Faith Dane

Faith Dane

actress, soundtrack

Faith Dane was born on Oct 03, 1923 in USA. Faith Dane's big-screen debut came with Gypsy directed by Mervyn LeRoy in 1962.

Faith Dane spent the summer of 1966 in St. Croix of the Virgin Islands. She was married to Russell B. Johnson, an attorney on St. Croix. Faith starred in a local production of "Gypsy" and rode through town in her gypsy costume, the horse all decorated and her in strip-tease costume, with the native residents looking on. She moved back to California to pursue her movie career and divorced her husband.She played Mazeppa in Broadway company of "Gypsy" (1959) and repeated her role in the 1962 film version. According to her biography in one of the original "Gypsy" programs, she had performed in nightclubs (including a stint as an exotic dancer) and on television prior to playing the role, and was also a portrait painter, swimming champion, classical pianist, and player of the bugle, trumpet, flute and drums. She then married a Washington, D.C. political figure and ran for mayor of the district.

  • Birthday

    Oct 03, 1923
  • Place of Birth

    Brooklyn, New York, USA

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