Eyal Kitzis

Eyal Kitzis

actor, writer

Eyal Kitzis was born on Jan 07, 1969 in Israel. Eyal Kitzis's big-screen debut came with Love Hurts - Season 1 directed by Ram Nehari in 2004, strarring 1 episode, 2004. Eyal Kitzis is known for Love Hurts directed by Ram Nehari, Dana Modan stars as Dana and Assi Cohen as Oren. The upcoming new movie Eyal Kitzis plays is This Is Sodom which will be released on Aug 05, 2010.

Eyal Kitzis was born on January 7, 1969 in Israel. He is an actor and writer, known for Eretz Nehederet (2003), Chalomot BeHakitzis (1998) and Laga'at Ba'Ochel (2001).

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    Jan 07, 1969
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