Erika Tham

Erika Tham

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Erika Tham was born on Dec 15, 1999 in Singapore. Erika Tham's big-screen debut came with Make It Pop - Season 1 directed by Steve Wright in 2015.

Erika Tham, a multi-ethnic beauty, is an up-and-coming actress best known for her role as 'Corki' on the Nickelodeon series "Make It Pop". The series is a first of its kind, starring three young teenage girls of Asian Canadian descent as strong role models for young girls in an age where an emphasis on female empowerment is front and center. "Make It Pop" follows the story of three best friends who follow their dreams of being musicians while balancing schoolwork and relationships. Erika, of Chinese/Dutch/Malaysian/Ukrainian descent, was born in Singapore and has traveled across most of Asia, living in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, Taiwan, China and Thailand. Moving around allowed her to understand how to adapt to different cultures and thrive in different environments. No matter where she lived, she made sure to always pursue her love for performing; participating in musical theater and school plays every chance she could. Erika was spotted during a performance of Oliver Twist in the PLA Opera House in Beijing and hand selected by the London Olympic committee to play a key role in the Handover from China to England in the 2008 Olympic Closing Ceremonies. It was after spending several summers in a row at a summer camp for performing arts in New York that she decided to pursue acting professionally and booked a lead role on the Nickelodeon series "Make It Pop", her second ever professional audition. Other credits for the up-and-comer include Nickelodeon's "The Other Kingdom." Acting and music are both huge passions of Erika's. Along with on-screen performances, she hopes to pursue her love of music after falling in love with the process of music making on "Make It Pop". Outside of performing, she enjoys photography and digital arts, health and fitness including boxing and finding new ways to exercise. Erika has a great love for Fashion, she also loves visiting Science, Art and History museums along with traveling. She maintains a 97% average in school and loves to learn. Erika holds environmental causes near and dear to her heart, particularly clean water and oceans. Being a person of Mixed-Asian heritage in the entertainment industry, she hopes to inspire people to follow their dreams regardless of their ethnic background.

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    Dec 15, 1999
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