Emiliano D'Ávila

Emiliano D'Ávila

actor, writer, director

Emiliano D'Ávila was born on Mar 27, 1986 in Brasil. Emiliano D'Ávila's big-screen debut came with Vai que Cola - Season 1 directed by João Fonseca in 2013, strarring Máicol da Silva / Emiliana.

Bachelor of Performing Arts and post-graduate in Screenwriting, with over 20 years of artistic career. In the theater, he directed and produced the play Os Javalis (2014 and 2019) and acted in more than 15 plays, having worked under the direction of big names like Bibi Ferreira and Joao Falcao. On TV, he acted in series as Clandestinos - o Sonho comecou (2010) and in the soap opera Avenida Brasil (2012), both from Globo. Since 2013, he has been part of the cast of the sitcom Vai Que Cola, at Multishow, and from 2016 he became one of the show's screenwriters. In cinema, he acted in the feature films Vai Que Cola - o Filme (2015), Ninguem Entra, Ninguem Sai (2017) and Vai Que Cola 2 - o Comeco (2019). He scripted, directed and produced the short film Um Dia de Cachorra (2021).

  • Birthday

    Mar 27, 1986
  • Place of Birth

    Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

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