Edith Massey

Edith Massey

actress, composer

Edith Massey was born on May 28, 1918 in USA. Edith Massey's big-screen debut came with Multiple Maniacs directed by John Waters in 1970. Edith Massey is known for Female Trouble directed by John Waters, Divine stars as Dawn Davenport and David Lochary as Donald Dasher. The upcoming new movie Edith Massey plays is Multiple Maniacs which will be released on Jan 01, 2022.

The wonderfully eccentric, snaggle-toothed Edith Massey was born in New York City and raised in an orphanage in Denver, Colorado before running away to Hollywood as a teenager. She met director John Waters while working as a barmaid and running her own thrift shop, Edith's Shopping Bag at Fells Point, Baltimore, Maryland in the late 1960s. Captivated by her effervescent charm, Waters cast her in Multiple Maniacs (1970) as Jesus's mother. Her next role was as Mama Edie in Pink Flamingos (1972). She appeared in many of Waters' earlier films, leading up to Polyester (1981), as well as being the subject of a biographical short film, Love Letter to Edie (1975).After her role as Queen Carlotta in Desperate Living (1977), Massey embarked on a singing career which led to a nationwide tour, usually performing cover songs including "Big Girls Don't Cry" and "Punks, Get Off the Grass" Fellow Dreamlander Cookie Mueller occasionally performed as a backup singer. Edith Massey passed away in October 1984.

  • Birthday

    May 28, 1918
  • Place of Birth

    New York City, New York, USA

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