Diego Arandojo

Diego Arandojo

writer, director, producer

Diego Arandojo was born on Jan 26, 1978 in Argentina. Diego Arandojo's big-screen debut came with Opium, la Argentina beatnik directed by Diego Arandojo in 2014.

Diego Arandojo was born in 1978. He began as a comic book artist and scriptwriter. Then he graduated from IDAC (Avellaneda) as a film director; and from ISER (Buenos Aires) as a television scriptwriter, obtaining the gold and silver medal for the best averages.In literature, he published "Cuentos macabros para sonámbulos" (2004), "Pecados para compartir" (2005), "Esquina 718" (2009 and 2010), together with Chávez and Chávez. (2009 and 2010, with Chino Volpato), "Manu en la playa" and "Manu en la montaña" (2009 and 2018, comic with Ed Carosia), "La vida secreta de las empanadas" (2014), "Bastón de Mando" (2014 and 2017), "Los Yibins" (2015), "Negrísimo" (2016), "Trilogía del terror antropológico" (2017), "Operación Lugones" (2017, with Ramiro San Honorio), "Jorge de los Ríos, dibujando con el corazón" (2018), "Bela, al terror mudo" (2018, comic with Hernán González) and "Beatnik Buenos Aires" (2018, comic with Facundo Percio), among others.As a scriptwriter he has developed several documentary series for Canal Encuentro, among them: "Caudillos", "Batallas de la libertad", "Alto Rendimiento", "Padres de la Libertad" and "Guemes"."Presidentes Argentinos" and "La Era de los Caciques" received the prize for best documentary series, awarded by Argentores. With Chino Volpato (from MIDACHI) he wrote the plays "El Reportero" (starring Fabián Vena and Eduardo Blanco) and "Vivir Desconectados" (starring Jorge Sassi and Elías Viñoles), which were performed in 2011 and 2013.He has directed the documentaries "Medianoche de un músico experimental" (2007), "30 años de silencio" (2013), "Opium, la Argentina Beatnik" (2014), "Alcatena" (2015) and "Garaycochea" (2017). Together with Mauro Savarino, he directed the science fiction medium-length film "Las 77 páginas" (2010), released on DVD by the Spanish label GH Records.For 25 years he has been directing the digital magazine "Lafarium", with which he promotes different multimedia activities such as the series "Documentales en viñetas" (2014-2021), which documents in depth cartoonists, scriptwriters and comic book editors.

  • Birthday

    Jan 26, 1978
  • Place of Birth

    Buenos Aires, Argentina

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