Dennis Delemar

Dennis Delemar

director, writer, producer

Dennis Delemar was born on Apr 24, 1985 in USA. Dennis Delemar's big-screen debut came with The Awakening - Season 1 directed by Dennis Delemar in 2019.

Dennis 'Yahuchasad' Delemar (born April 24, 1985) was raised in New Bern, North Carolina. He is the son of Denise Delemar, and Gerrol Delemar. His late grandmother Eliza Delemar, raised him, and enrolled him in football at the early age of four. After her death, he moved with his father. From 1997 to 2004 Dennis faced extreme physical and mental abuse from his father. Pushed to the brinks of suicide or murder, his good friend brought him a little green journal. She suggested that he write his thoughts in it to help. Dennis's pen not only helped him to escape the pain, but his journal entries turned into poetry. Poetry turned into many spoken word performances, scripts, and forgiveness for his father.Dennis played football throughout his college and had aspirations of playing professional football. Until March 10, 2008, when in a powerful experience at the CSU's cafeteria changed his life forever. Dennis received a prophetic message from Elohim through a complete stranger. Elohim had something great for him to do. Dennis decided to quit football and charter the unknown in faith.Months later, "Diary of Anne Frank" inspired him to start acting. He later discovered that not only could he act, but direct as well. Urged by his college professor to pursue a career in film, Dennis was admitted to New York Film Academy. Yet, due to uncontrollable circumstances, he wasn't able to attend. In 2011, Dennis met Cinematographer Tom Priestley Jr.. Some of Tom's Cinematography credits include Barbershop 1 & 2, and Above The Rim. Priestley briefly mentored Dennis as they teamed up on his debut short film Undeserving Grace, a film about a woman's struggle to leave a violent relationship. Dennis has since produced numerous projects that touch on topics such as mental illness, the black American experience, and religious deception.

  • Birthday

    Apr 24, 1985
  • Place of Birth

    New Bern, North Carolina, USA

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