David Lee Hefner

David Lee Hefner

second unit director or assistant director, producer, director

David Lee Hefner was born on Dec 16, 1969 in USA. David Lee Hefner's big-screen debut came with Children of the Struggle directed by John Benitz in 1999. David Lee Hefner is known for Children of the Struggle directed by John Benitz, Brian Wimmer stars as John Glass and Dick Gregory as Vernon Lee. David Lee Hefner has got 1 awards and 1 nominations so far. The most recent award David Lee Hefner achieved is Mountain Film Festival. The upcoming new movie David Lee Hefner plays is An Occurrence at Black Canyon which will be released on Apr 23, 2004.

David Lee Hefner was born unexpectedly on December 16, 1969 at 5:27 pm, in Lynwood, California. At the time of David's birth, there was already a newborn in the family - Dan Hefner, David's identical twin brother, born just two minutes earlier! Because the twins were back-to-back in the womb (resulting in only one heart-beat that could be heard with a stethoscope), under weight in size, and born in an era before obstetric ultrasonography, David's arrival was a pleasant surprise to his parents and the delivery doctors.His father, Tom Hefner, a sign-painter and artist taught him how to draw at an early age. When times got tough, David's mother, Leah Hefner, suggested that the family move north out of Los Angeles, to the beautiful Pacific Northwest. So, the Hefner family settled down in the small town of Olalla, just outside of a quaint fishing village Gig Harbor, Washington. This was the perfect atmosphere to raise their children. It was here that David's interest in drawing persisted. He wrote and illustrated many children's books, while his love of movies - especially horror and science fiction, and playing video-games kept him entertained during the rainy season.One day, while cleaning the closet he discovered his father's old 8mm animated short-film "The Princess and the Frog". Encouraged by his father's ambitious hand-drawn short-film, he decided to embark on another adventure...film-making! Pooling his allowance together with Dan, he bought a used Super 8mm film camera and projector, and thus "Hefner Bros. Productions" was formed. Enlisting friends and family, especially his younger brother Mike, the brothers made several short films, many times doubling as the same actor and directorial duties.After graduating South Kitsap High School, the self-taught film-maker decided that it was time to get some formal training. He enrolled into the prestigious L. H. Bates Television School. Graduating top of his class, he was quickly hired at PBS, ABC and Fox directing live television shows, news and sports. Pursuing his narrative film-making ambitions, he attended UCLA and then USC film schools. While striving for a career as a feature film director, he happily continues to direct hundreds of commercials, music videos, and info-mercials.

  • Birthday

    Dec 16, 1969
  • Place of Birth

    Lynwood, California, USA

Known For


1 wins & 1 nominations

Mountain Film Festival
Best Crime Film
Winner - Environmental Film Competition Award
The Treasure of the Sierra Nevada (2009)

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