D.L. Walker

D.L. Walker

actor, art department, camera and electrical department

D.L. Walker was born on May 11, 1965 in USA. D.L. Walker's big-screen debut came with Elves directed by Jeffrey Mandel in 1989, strarring Dave (as David Walker). D.L. Walker is known for David & Goliath directed by Dennis Agle Jr., Thurl Bailey stars as Goliath and Daniel Beck as King Saul. The upcoming new movie D.L. Walker plays is Envelop(e) which will be released on Jul 10, 2020.

Whether he's frantically pacing the stage bellowing in German as George Frideric Handel in the play "Joyful Noise", or trying to save souls as missionary Elder Green in 1989 video "Saturday's Warrior," D.L. Walker is a versatile, colorful actor whose charisma captivates audiences. Born in Utah and raised everywhere else, D.L. began honing his accent and voice skills at age 14 and has lent his talents to projects in a variety of genres over the past 40 years.His unique abilities have helped him find success in theater, film, television, radio, and voiceover work. In fact, with more than 63 audio-books to his credit, you may recognize D.L.'s voice before his face. For the book "The Light Above" he had to bring 57 different characters to life who all had Scottish accents. Quite the challenge!On film D.L. 's IMDb page is full of politicians, bosses, corrupt government officials, bikers, and the occasional gay neighbor. But in the world of voice over, D.L. has been a sentient mouse, an evil bat sorcerer, a herd of sheep, a squeaky door, drops of water in a bucket, and even got to be a group of elderly men arguing with each other over how much to pay in tithing to their Church. For his most recent project, "The Other Wiseman" an animated short Christmas movie, he got to voice all of the male characters.Lately, D.L. has been playing lots of bad guys on film, which may seem ironic for those who know him. He's always the first to crack a joke, share a little song and dance, or have a crowd in stitches with one of his impressions. His zest for life and total commitment to everything he does makes D.L. irresistible as both a person and a performer.D.L. and his wife live in Utah to stay near their 6 adult children but goes where the roles call him, be it L.A., New York, or Burley, Idaho. Between projects, D.L. enjoys a variety of entrepreneurial pursuits, and he'll never stop loving long walks on the beach and long rides on his hog. That's just the way he rolls.

  • Birthday

    May 11, 1965
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    Provo, Utah, USA

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