Clyde Bruckman

Clyde Bruckman

writer, director, producer

Clyde Bruckman was born on Jun 30, 1894 in USA. Clyde Bruckman's big-screen debut came with Rob 'Em Good directed by Hunt Stromberg in 1923. Clyde Bruckman is known for Husbands Beware directed by Jules White, Shemp Howard stars as Prof. Shemp Howard and Larry Fine as Larry. The upcoming new movie Clyde Bruckman plays is The Bachelor which will be released on Nov 05, 1999.

Had been out of work and was pretty much broke when he killed himself. He borrowed Buster Keaton's gun and after eating a meal that he could not pay for, shot himself. There are two stories; One says it was in the restroom of the cafe on Santa Monica Blvd, and the other story states he did it in the phone booth. His last real work was directing Buster Keaton on his local Los Angeles tv show on KTTV. This was in the early fifties and it was live. The show ran for just a year, but was popular. KTTV was having money problems and could not keep it on the air. The few tapes that survived show Keaton doing his typical gags, many that had been re-worked from his past glory.

  • Birthday

    Jun 30, 1894
  • Place of Birth

    San Bernardino, California, USA

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