Christopher Marlowe

Christopher Marlowe

writer, soundtrack

Christopher Marlowe was born on Feb 23, 1564 in UK]. Christopher Marlowe's big-screen debut came with The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex directed by Michael Curtiz in 1939. Christopher Marlowe is known for The Jew of Malta directed by Douglas Morse, Barzin Akhavan stars as Calymath and Fajer Al-Kaisi as Callapine. The upcoming new movie Christopher Marlowe plays is I riassuntini which will be released on Oct 08, 2018.

Born the son of a shoe-maker two months before the birth of another famous playwright, William Shakespeare, Christopher Marlowe achieved fame as an Elizabethan dramatist as well as an atheist. He was killed in a tavern brawl by a former friend, allegedly over a bill. There is now some evidence that suggests his death was in fact an assassination.

  • Birthday

    Feb 23, 1564
  • Place of Birth

    Canterbury, Kent, Kingdom of England [now England, UK]