Chas Scherer

Chas Scherer

producer, actor, additional crew

Chas Scherer was born on Sep 22, 1978 in USA. Chas Scherer's big-screen debut came with Worth the Price directed by Ryan Callaway in 2010, strarring Dash. Chas Scherer is known for Warrior directed by Gavin O'Connor, Joel Edgerton stars as Brendan Conlon and Tom Hardy as Tommy Conlon. The upcoming new movie Chas Scherer plays is The Yearly Harvest which will be released on Sep 06, 2020.

Born and raised in New Jersey. With over 25 years of experience in stage, both combative and acting, as well as several films under his belt, he is an extremely versatile performer. Growing up, Chas wanted to be a baseball player, but that dream was shattered after he was run over by a car on Labor Day, back in 1984, when he was 6, about to turn 7. It was a hit and run accident which stunned him for life. The girl that ran him over was young herself, and afterwards, picked him up, and carried him to the sidewalk, and drove away. Since then, Chas has recovered quite nicely, and because of that day, he always has a positive attitude about life.Chas started performing stage work back in his middle school days. Since then, Chas has done a few musicals each year, and received an Outstanding Actor award, as his portrayal as Miles Gloriosus, in A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum in his high school days! Through his high school days, he started finding out that he was a character actor, and he loved making faces, and doing voices as well. He also started acting with different professional theater companies throughout the NJ, Philadelphia and New York City area. As college was nearing, Chas did not have a tough time choosing his major. He wanted to go for voice. He also had interest in helping the disabled as well, or the elderly, so he went to Temple University to become a Music Therapist. That journey didn't last too long. Chas was working at a nursing home for the summer, when one of his patients he used to sing for, passed away at the tender age of 104. He felt that that was the time to pick himself up, and move forward. He then worked for Disney World and Universal Studios for a year, to get his mind off of the past. In 2009, Chas worked as an actor for Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, NJ. As that was happening, he saw different auditions online for film roles. He said goodbye to the stage in June, and did his first film. he has been film acting ever since.

  • Birthday

    Sep 22, 1978
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    Hackensack, New Jersey, USA

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