Charles F. Haas

Charles F. Haas

director, producer, actor

Charles F. Haas was born on Nov 15, 1913 in USA. Charles F. Haas's big-screen debut came with I Met Him in Paris directed by Wesley Ruggles in 1937, strarring Waiter (uncredited). Charles F. Haas is known for Moonrise directed by Frank Borzage, Dane Clark stars as Danny Hawkins and Gail Russell as Gilly Johnson. The upcoming new movie Charles F. Haas plays is Tarzan and the Trappers which will be released on Mar 21, 1960.

Harvard-educated Charles Haas entered films in 1935 as an extra at Universal. He was soon promoted to assistant director, then branched out into directing documentaries and industrial films. During WW II he made training films for the Army Signal Corps. After the war he went back to work for Universal, and was assigned to write and produce Le fils du pendu (1948). He soon returned to making industrial films, then turned to television directing. He made his feature directorial debut in 1956, and turned out a string of low-budget westerns, gangster and juvenile-delinquent pictures - several with third-string Marilyn Monroe wannabe Mamie Van Doren - before returning to television.

  • Birthday

    Nov 15, 1913
  • Place of Birth

    Chicago, Illinois, USA

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