Carol Connors

Carol Connors

actress, director, writer

Carol Connors was born on Nov 13, 1952 in USA. Carol Connors's big-screen debut came with Road of Death directed by Rene Martinez Jr. in 1973. Carol Connors is known for Big John, Little John directed by Gordon Wiles, Herb Edelman stars as Big John Martin and Robbie Rist as Little John Martin. The upcoming new movie Carol Connors plays is True Bromance which will be released on Sep 01, 2012.

Carol Connors was a staple of the porn business in the 1970s, making a name for herself in such productions as Gorge profonde (1972) and Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978). In the 1970s, she turned to adult entertainment ushering a career as a hardcore porn actress with the new decade. Connors famously played the nurse to Harry Reems' philandering physician in the "Gone With the Wind" of porn, Gorge profonde (1972), but she didn't come into her own as an attraction until she starred in Gail Palmer's "Candy" series.Connors appeared in four hardcore sex films with her husband, Jack Birch, reaching the apogee of her adult entertainment career in the years 1978-79 with Palmer's Erotic Adventures of Candy (1978) and Candy Goes to Hollywood (1979) and in the X-rated Sweet Savage (1979), also helmed by a female director (Birch co-starred with her in all three films). Subsequently, Miss Connors slipped into the director's chair herself with Desire for Men (1981), in which she also starred. She retired from adult films after one more film, Consenting Adults (1982), to concentrate on being a mother.

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    Nov 13, 1952
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