Carol-Anne Day

Carol-Anne Day

actress, writer

Carol-Anne Day was born on Mar 26, 1986 in Canada. Carol-Anne Day's big-screen debut came with Mahô no stêji fanshî Rara - Season 1 directed by Takahiro Ômori in 1998. Carol-Anne Day is known for A Hat in Time directed by Jonas Kærlev, Apphia Yu stars as Hat Kid and Eileen Montgomery as Moustache Girl. The upcoming new movie Carol-Anne Day plays is A Hat in Time which will be released on Oct 05, 2017.

Happy and bubbly Carol-Anne Day is best known for her voice acting, having gotten started in voice acting when she was doing children's theater and haven't stopped since. She has dubbed anime and video games for companies such as Viz Media, Bandai Entertainment, Capcom, Geneon, and Bandai-Namco. In her free time, she loves watching cartoons, performing murder mystery theater and meeting new fans at Anime conventions.

  • Birthday

    Mar 26, 1986
  • Place of Birth

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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