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Carmen Mormino


Carmen Mormino was born on Feb 04, 1964 in USA. Carmen Mormino's big-screen debut came with Sleepstalker directed by Turi Meyer in 1995, strarring Officer. Carmen Mormino is known for String Theory directed by Jacob Freydont-Attie, Rico E. Anderson stars as Marcus and Darion Basco as Javier. The upcoming new movie Carmen Mormino plays is Life of Lemon which will be released on Mar 17, 2011.

Carmen, a native of Chicago, has been described as having "the intensity of Pacino mixed with the charm of Clooney." Attending Columbia College, he had every intention of pursuing a career in broadcasting until someone suggested he audition for a local production of "Sexual Perversity in Chicago." Receiving rave reviews, Carmen was hooked. He switched his focus, directed all his talents and desires towards acting and upon graduating with honors, headed West to follow his dreams.In LA, Carmen held off on the "business" side of "the biz," and instead concentrated on perfecting his craft- knowing once those doors opened, he best be ready. He immediately began studying with Howard Fine, which led him to every actors' dream...the chance to study with the legendary Uta Hagen.It was from Uta that Carmen developed his extreme attention to detail which continues to make his work so memorable. During one session, Uta looked at Carmen and said: "The only thing between you and any nomination is the chance!"Carrying those words with him from that point on, he continued his relentless training, living by the motto, "Everyone has the will to's the will to prepare that makes the difference!" Carmen has trained at top locations such as "The American Academy of Dramatic Arts," the "Larry Moss Studio," and is presently with top Los Angeles coach Bjorn Johnson.When he felt ready, Carmen jumped in, acquired an agent, and booked the first job he auditioned for, a role on the hit series "ER." From there, Carmen booked numerous television shows, each one enabling him to fine tune his work in front of the camera.On the film side, his first work was on the low budget feature "Sleepstalker," where he played the role of a police officer. It was that role that led to another once in a lifetime chance: the opportunity to share the screen with the legendary tandem of Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau in "Odd Couple II." And his good fortune continued, as Carmen appeared with another epic funnyman, Robin Williams, in the feature "One Hour Photo."Carmen went on to leading roles in two festival-winning Indies, "String Theory," (winner of the 2002 Dances With Films Audience Award), in which he played an HIV infected surfer who tries to help others with the knowledge of what's important in life; and the comedy "Dog Gone Love," (winner of New York's Stoneybrook Film Festival), in which he played a mobster chasing after loans before the big boss comes down on him.Carmen continually hones his craft on the stage as well, tackling such gritty roles as the Pacino-obsessed lead in the thriller "Big Al"; the multi-layered, disturbing role of Artuo Ui in the Brecht classic "The Resistible Rise of Artuo Ui", and the riveting character of Marco in the Arthur Miller classic "A View From The Bridge", just to name a few.His rare spare time is dedicated to his most important productions: ten-year old daughter Mia, and seven-year old daughter Lola, who were Co-Executive Produced with his amazing wife, MaryLee Mormino.As his career will inevitably soar, Carmen plans to become more involved with various children's charities. He believes "when you are blessed with a special talent and success, it is your responsibility to give something back to those less fortunate."

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    Feb 04, 1964
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    Chicago, Illinois, USA
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