Carly Davin Nation

Carly Davin Nation

director, writer, actress

Carly Davin Nation was born on Oct 15, 1984 in USA. Carly Davin Nation's big-screen debut came with in .

Carly Davin Nation, (Born Davin Nation, to Kai Nation and Donald Klaes) is an actress, director, and writer born in Galveston Texas. She is producing and starring in the new web series, Transfolk. She has stated that in addition to entertaining the world through her films and performances, she also hopes to educate people about transgender individuals and the struggles they face. Carly's inspirations include Joss Whedon, Agnes Nixon, and Tyler Perry to name a few.

  • Birthday

    Oct 15, 1984
  • Place of Birth

    Galveston, Texas, USA