Candace Glendenning

Candace Glendenning


Candace Glendenning was born on Aug 09, 1953 in UK. Candace Glendenning's big-screen debut came with The Tyrant King - Season 1 directed by Mike Hodges in 1968. Candace Glendenning is known for Looking for Clancy directed by Bill Hays, Robert Powell stars as Frank Clancy and Keith Drinkel as Dick Holt. The upcoming new movie Candace Glendenning plays is Satan's Slave which will be released on Aug 01, 1979.

Talented. Beautiful. Diverse. These three words best describe British actress, Candace Glendenning. With prominent arched cheekbones, turquoise cat like eyes, fair skin, and long dark hair, her exotic beauty made her a stand out amongst many other plain British beauties from Hazel Malone Talent Management.She began her career as a child actor on the 1968 six-part thriller series The Tyrant King (1968). She also served as an extra in the Oscar winning film Les belles années de Miss Brodie (1969). Her most prestigious role came as the Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia in the Oscar winning historical drama Nicolas et Alexandra (1971).Breaking out of her ingenue character mold, she starred in two theatrical horror films, La Tour du diable (1972) and Le rideau de la mort (1972). Her appearances in these films caught the eye of director, Norman J. Warren, and he personally sought her out and cast her in the leading role of his film, Esclave de Satan (1976), having been his first and only choice for the part. The remainder of her acting work consisted mostly of appearances on British television shows such as Play for Today: Jumping Bean Bag (1976), La légende des Strauss (1972), Blake's 7: Weapon (1979), and Ripping Yarns: Murder at Moorstones Manor (1977).She abruptly quit acting in 1982 and left Hollywood with few precious roles to her credit. Most of these roles didn't allow her to lead or showcase her natural talent. Given her sudden and unexpected exit from the entertainment industry, there were many questions as to her whereabouts and well being. It wasn't until nearly thirty years later that it was confirmed that she has since married, had children, and now leads a quiet and very peaceful life in Great Britain. Despite her growing popularity amongst the horror film community and her bonafide icon status as a "scream queen", she has continued to draw herself away from the limelight in favor of a more private lifestyle.With her renowned and distinguished beauty, natural talent, and radiating charisma, there will never be another actress in Hollywood like Candace Glendenning.

  • Birthday

    Aug 09, 1953
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    Islington, London, England, UK

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