Candace Carey

Candace Carey


Candace Carey was born on Aug 14, 1978 in USA. Candace Carey's big-screen debut came with Band of the Hand directed by Paul Michael Glaser in 1986.

Don't be fooled by the formidable and highly memorable one-armed push-ups actress Candace Carey so effortlessly executed in the 2002 sleeper hit Drumline -- there's much more to this budding actress than a strong arm and a pretty face. A Florida native whose screen debut found the quick-footed eight-year-old jumping rope in the 1986 action feature Band of the Hand, the talented youngster subsequently appeared in numerous commercials before moving on to appear in such features as Winner Takes All and Big Trouble. As the aspiring actress moved into her teens, education became a priority, though time spent away from the spotlight only fed Carey's hunger for success. By the time she finished school, Carey was prepared to fully explore her onscreen potential, and just a few years after appearing in advertisements for Mastercard and Pepsi, she returned to the big screen to impress movie lovers with a winning performance in Drumline. In April of 2003, the philanthropic actress was awarded the Proclamation of Honor in her home state of Florida for her efforts and contributions to various charities and volunteer organizations. Determined to hang on to her success and good fortune the second time around, Carey was soon back on the screen facing off against the malevolent spirit of H.H. Holmes -- America's first serial killer -- in the 2005 horror film The Evil One. Moving forward into her present ventures, Ms. Carey is a legal studies major and can be found with her head buried into law books or you might run into her at a local smoothie shop. Candace grew up living an Island life style, which involved, fishing, swimming in the ocean, gathering the seasonal fruit and berries harvest around town or from her back yard. Her first written project was the classic playwright and screenplay, "The West Side Story" , an urban version for her middle school drama class and many more screenplays' to date. Candace would like to work on film projects that are unique and challenging.

  • Birthday

    Aug 14, 1978
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    Miami, Florida, USA
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