Brittany Eldridge

Brittany Eldridge


Brittany Eldridge was born on Nov 03, 1981 in USA. Brittany Eldridge's big-screen debut came with Atrophy directed by Brian Greer in 2003.

Brittany grew up in Chicago and first became involved with acting when she was in college. From an early age, was figure skating competitively and continued to do so for several years. After taking her first drama class, she discovered a passion for acting and devoted much of her time studying and rehearsing and performing in the theater. She began acting professionally in Los Angeles in both television and film, landing roles in films including 'Tenacious D in: The Pick of Destiny' and 'Something's Wrong in Kansas', a television pilot, and television shows including 'Living With Fran' and 'Charmed'. She has also appeared in several national commercials, including spots for Coca-Cola, Netflix, Old Navy, The Anti-Drug and Wendy's. She is building a versatile resume of roles ranging from a shy, quirky loner to the girl next door to an explosive, troubled girl in rehab. She is an endearing combination of vulnerability and intensity and is artfully natural in performance.

  • Birthday

    Nov 03, 1981
  • Place of Birth

    St. Louis, Missouri, USA

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