Brian Scott Lederman

Brian Scott Lederman

actor, director, writer

Brian Scott Lederman was born on Jun 10, 1975 in USA. Brian Scott Lederman's big-screen debut came with Mo directed by Brian Scott Lederman in 2007, strarring Ben.

Brian Scott Lederman was Raised in Long Island New York. He expresses refreshing candor and honesty that is needed in successful filmmaking. Very likely, if you cut his arm, a spool of celluloid would roll out rather than blood. He has very little need for any social activity other than getting together with people to make a movie. This is his "raison d'etre".His fascination began when he was three years old and his parents took him to see Richard Donner's "Superman" on the big screen. He did not move. He did not fuss. He only watched, wide-eyed with his jaw dropped at the edge of his seat from beginning to end. From then on, it has been his everything. A film would be released, and he would embody the lead character and re-enact scenes with his brother, Matthew, which he would shoot on video. Lederman also spent much of his youth on set with his father, a commercial director. By his father's example, he knew the importance of leading a crew confidently, patiently, and efficiently. His talents were also found in fine art, as he has a gift for creating imaginative worlds in his illustrations. He briefly studied art at the Art Institute of Boston, where he enhanced his ability to create visual composition and balance that is found in his filmmaking. This continued until he enrolled in the School of Visual Arts as a film major. There he met his wife and partner, Monica JY Lederman. Together, they share a love of the magic and fantasy that exists in filmmaking, and artistic ability that balances one another remarkably. Together the two moved to Los Angeles.While living in Los Angeles for six years, Lederman studied acting at several popular studios (Larry Moss, Bobby Chance, Theater East, Charles Laughton, etc). This experience taught him the craft of performance, enhancing his own natural talent and giving him the perspective that endears himself as a director to his performers. He understands performance: the need to help his actors relax on screen and to trust the talent that he hires. He also witnessed the "LA scene" and, while the majority of his peers were schmoozing and mingling, he was (and is still) at home or in the movie theater consuming and studying "the Work".After returning to his native New York, Lederman strengthened his computer design skills, elevating his ability to communicate his ideas through storyboards, and visual design while he freelanced as an art director in advertising. Writing the screenplay in 2005, the Ledermans decided to produce their first feature film, "MO", based on the life of Brian's brother, Matthew. As first-time filmmakers, the couple was able to bring all of their skills and experience into alignment. The film starred Erik Per Sullivan (of "Malcolm in the Middle"), Margo Martindale (of "the Riches" and "Million Dollar Baby"), and Adam LeFevre (of "Arthur and the Invisibles"). Brian Scott Lederman wrote, directed, produced and acted in the film. It premiered at Tribeca Film Festival's Drive-In Series at Rockefeller Center and the Boston Film Festival in 2007. "MO" won several awards in the festival circuit, including: Audience Choice Award at the Malibu International Film Festival, Best US Feature Film at the Wine Country Festival, and Best Film at the Long Island International Film Festival. In January of 2009, "MO" was distributed by Cinetic Rights Management on i Tunes.

  • Birthday

    Jun 10, 1975
  • Place of Birth

    New York City, New York, USA


4 wins & 0 nominations

Long Island International Film Expo
Best Feature Film
Winner - Long Island Independent Filmmaker Award
Mo (2007)
Winner - Long Island Independent Filmmaker Award
Malibu Film Festival
Best Feature Film
Winner - Audience Award
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    writer, actor, director

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