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Bilahari was born on Nov 26, 1989 in India. Bilahari's big-screen debut came with Allu Ramendran directed by Bilahari in 2019.

Bilahari was born in Elavoor, Kerala to Remadevi and Unniraj, a famous Musician. Bilahari did his schooling from Chennai and Kerala. The plays he directed at school days ignited his dream to become a film maker. During his time of graduation he made his debut short film, which earned him a lot of appreciation from his teachers, friends and family. After graduation he started working as representative for a pharmaceutical company and left the same after a year due to his extreme passion of cinema. Then he joined "Movie Today" Online Magazine as marketing manager. He interviewed a lot of skilled and talented technicians and actors across the industry and those conversations boosted his avidness to make a film. In 2012 he made a short film named "Oru Kannadi Kadha" casting his own sister Sree Renjini as the lead. The plot dealt with how uninvited becomes inevitable in ones life. The release of "Oru Kannadi Kadha" opened him a wide range of opportunities. Bilahari did a lot of advertisement films and corporate videos for various brands accompanying famous actors. It resulted in the formation of" Plan B Infotainments" with his childhood friend Vineeth Chakyar and Cinematographer Sreeraj Raveendran. Plan B Infotainments is now one of the efficient and fastest growing advertising companies in south India. In 2016 "Final Over" was his attempt to recreate a song from the movie "Mullavalliyum Thenmavum" which turned into a massive hit.

  • Birthday

    Nov 26, 1989
  • Place of Birth

    Kerala, India

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