Bican Günalan

Bican Günalan

actor, second unit director or assistant director

Bican Günalan was born on Jan 01, 1964 in Turkey. Bican Günalan's big-screen debut came with Süper Baba - Season 1 directed by Orhan Oguz in 1993, strarring Kudret (1993-1994). Bican Günalan is known for Magic Carpet Ride directed by Yilmaz Erdogan, Yilmaz Erdogan stars as Asim Noyan and Tolga Çevik as Superman Samet. The upcoming new movie Bican Günalan plays is Eyyvah Eyvah 2 which will be released on Jan 07, 2011.

Bican Günalan was born in 1964 in Istanbul, Turkey. He is an actor working mainly in theatre, film, and television series. When he was only 16 years old, in the year 1980, he had begun working in the theatrical arts field by joining the Istanbul Performing Arts Academy. In 1983 he joined the ABC Genclik Theatre, and in 1986 he joined the Nobetci Theatre with Ferhan Sensoy. From 1987 to 1995, Günalan had worked in Ferhan Sensoy's Ortaoyuncular Theatre group and was featured in many television and theatre projects as both an actor and a directorial staff during this period. He was cast in the "Süper Baba" television series as a recurring character in 1993.After being cast in the play "Otogargara" by Besiktas Kultur Merkezi (BKM) as one of the main characters, Günalan had been officially transferred to BKM. In 1995, he had gained his fame when he was cast as a main character on the prestigious comedy television series "Bir Demet Tiyatro" under the production of BKM. His interpretation of the character as the quirky family man and the devoted assistant to a devious politician has prompted the Turkish people to still remember Bican Günalan by the name of his character in the show, "Fadil Fidillioglu".During his time working with BKM, Günalan was featured in the reputable plays; "Otogarara", "Bana Bir Seyhler Oluyor" and "Sen Hic Atesbocegi Gordun mu", in the prestigious films; "Vizontele", "Vizontele Tuuba", "Organize Isler", "Eyyvah Eyvah" and "Eyyvah Eyvah 2" and in the esteemed television series "Bir Demet Tiyatro", "Sen Yuva" and "Bizim Okul".After his immigration to Canada with his wife and daughter in 2003, Bican Günalan has been splitting his time living in Toronto, Canada as well as in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Birthday

    Jan 01, 1964
  • Place of Birth

    Istanbul, Turkey