Bassam Al-Thawadi

Bassam Al-Thawadi

producer, director, actor

Bassam Al-Thawadi was born on Dec 13, 1960 in Bahrain. Bassam Al-Thawadi's big-screen debut came with Za'er directed by Bassam Al-Thawadi in 2004, strarring Head of TV.

Bassam Mohammed Al Thawadi was born in Bahrain on December 13th, 1960. He grew up in Al-Qudaibiah (in the capital Manama) from 1962 until 1969. His father had a job in Saudi Arabia, during those years he started his hobby of photography. From 1974 to 1978 he made his own series of short films on 8mm - in 1979 he went to Cairo to study film direction and Graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema (Cairo) in 1982. During his study he directed a short drama film, Al Qina'a (The Mask) shot on 16mm - Cairo - 1981 and his graduation project was a Short drama, Malaekat Al Ardh (Angels of the Earth) on 16mm - Cairo - 1982.He joined Bahrain TV on May 4th, 1985, made a lot of Variety programs for the local TV. He also produced Programmes which were broadcast in all Arab countries which are members of the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU). During that Al Thawadi has also directed and produced a number of commercials, educational and cultural programs. In 1990 he produced and directed Long feature film Al-hajiz (1990) (The Barrier), considered the first feature film produced in Bahrain, the film has been entered into several regional and international film festivals. After 14 years from the first feature film, he directed co-produced _Visitor (2004)_ in 2003, considered the second feature film produced in Bahrain and first Dolby sound system in the Gulf, produced by Bahrain Cinema Company and Mr. Al Thawadi. Between those two films he directed many documentary films, in 2006 he directed "A Bahraini Tale" considered the third feature film produced in Bahrain and first DTS sound system in the Gulf , produced by Bahrain Film Production Company and Mr Al ThawadiHe also directed a lot of Bahrain TV drama productions and acted in a drama production for local TV. In theatre he performed in many playsHis other activities include holding a solo photography show in Cairo in 1980, being selected as a member of the judging committee of the Baghdad International Television and Film Festival in 1988, selected as a member of the judging committee of the Abu Dhabi Cultural Complex Video Film Festival in 1991, selected as the chairman of the judging committee in Al Sawari Video Festival of 1994 and many similar selections. He organized the New Egyptian Cinema Days Festival in Bahrain in co-operation with the Information Ministry and the Bahrain Cinema Club in 1993. He was General organizer and director of the Fifth Arab Music Festival which was held in Bahrain in November 1996. Founder and general director of the First Arab Cinema Festival in Bahrain in 2000 Organised a number of lectures and seminars dealing with cinema in the Gulf and Bahrain.Currently he is a Full-time film director Ministry of Information since 2007 - Bahrain.

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    Dec 13, 1960
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