Ann Morell

Ann Morell


Ann Morell was born on Sep 17, 1943 in USA. Ann Morell's big-screen debut came with Everything's Ducky directed by Don Taylor in 1961.

Anne Morell has been in show biz since she was 16 years old. Not only as an Actress, but also as an owner and producer of Super Star Fire Records in 1979 through 1989, Princely-Wynn Productions and Public Relations Agency. She produced Roller Skate Rider and Love as Good as Gold for Nico Princely. It found itself in the top 20 and was in Bill Board Magazine in Hollywood, as well as the Variety and Hollywood Reporter Trade Magazines. She also had an Ask Anne Morell, column in the Enquirer Magazine. Her background in Public Relations and Media Communication is extensive as well as being a working actress, until she chose to be married and become a Mom.Anne lives in Sherman Oaks California and Las Vegas; she is a featured personality in the Paul Casey Production, American Trilogy, The Elvis Musical, which is the most exciting, original musical concept incorporating Actual Personalities with an Actor-Singer recreating the musical career of Elvis Presley. Anne knew and worked with Elvis Presley and brings her exciting presence to enhance the show and captivate the audience with her youthful appearance and personality. She is an example of her motto "Life is Ageless and Age is Lifeless" TM.She is a Country Gospel singer and song writer.Founder of The Great Spirit Center, 1992 A Public Benefit Charity dedicated to helping get Single Parents out of Poverty.J C Penny National Award for Charity Service 1994 and 1995. A Doctor of Holistic Medicine Certified Nurse Assistant, Certified Phlebotomist, Certified Private Training Instructor, Esthetician Member of the Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine.

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    Sep 17, 1943
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