Angela Rodel

Angela Rodel

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Angela Rodel was born on Apr 14, 1974 in USA. Angela Rodel's big-screen debut came with Kozelat directed by Georgi Djulgerov in 2009. Angela Rodel is known for Buferna zona directed by Georgi Djulgerov, Rousy Chanev stars as Todor Cherkezov and Stefka Yanorova as Irina Cherkezova. The upcoming new movie Angela Rodel plays is Runaway Smartphone which will be released on Feb 08, 2019.

Angela Rodel is a musician and ethnomusicologist who has been living in Bulgaria since 2005. As an undergraduate she joined the Yale Slavic Chorus - from the instant she heard the powerful sound of Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares, she fell completely and irrevocably in love with Bulgarian folk music. After feverishly listening to any and all recordings of Bulgarian folk music she could get her hands on, she finally made it to Bulgaria in 1995 for the Koprivshtitsa festival. She spent a year at Sofia University studying Bulgarian philology (yes, she actually can speak Bulgarian!) in 1996-1997 and working with folk singers in Sofia and Plovdiv. After returning to the U.S. and starting a PhD in ethnomusicology, Bulgarian music continued to dominate her life - she directed the women's Bulgarian choir SuperDevoiche at UCLA and performed and recorded with the LA-based Balkan band Baksheesh Boys. In 2005, she returned to Bulgaria to study folk singing at the Academy for Music, Dance and Visual Arts in Plovdiv. In 2005 she also co-founded the folk-rock band Gologan. The group participates in various concerts and musical-literary performances both in Bulgaria and abroad. The Goat is Angela's first foray into the world of acting - the opportunity to work with Georgi Djulgerov and the film's cast and crew was a terrific introduction to Bulgarian cinema that she will cherish her whole life.

  • Birthday

    Apr 14, 1974
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    Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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