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Angel Tompkins


Angel Tompkins was born on Dec 20, 1942 in USA. Angel Tompkins's big-screen debut came with Search - Season 1 directed by Russ Mayberry in 1972. Angel Tompkins is known for Search directed by Russ Mayberry, Hugh O'Brian stars as Hugh Lockwood and Doug McClure as C.R. Grover. The upcoming new movie Angel Tompkins plays is Not of This Earth which will be released on May 20, 1988.

Beautiful California-born Angel Tompkins started her career out as a Chicago-area model before attempting an on-camera career in the late 60s. She made an assured (major) film debut as the seductive blonde who comes between husband and wife Elliott Gould and Brenda Vaccaro in the comedy Une certaine façon d'aimer (1970). An irreverent vehicle for Gould, who was in the initial stages of his euphoric post-M*A*S*H (1970) super stardom, Angel experienced almost Bo Derek-like attention as Gould's mistress and earned a Golden Globe nomination for "Best Newcomer" in the process. The camera obviously loved her and she immediately went into a slew of projects, but the quality was nowhere to be found after such a promising start.Carnage (1972) at least co-starred Gene Hackman and Lee Marvin with newcomer Sissy Spacek in a featured role, but it bordered on trashy entertainment. Angel's "Clarabelle" character did warrant some attention when Playboy magazine featured some nude scenes in their pages. Little Cigars (1973) has a minor cult following today but is no great shakes. Angel again played a mistress, this time a mobster's gal, who joins a band of little people and robs banks and casinos. Such teasing sexploitation films as How to Seduce a Woman (1974) and The Teacher (1974), the latter co-starring the now-grownup Denis la petite peste (1959) Jay North, and violence-prone flicks including Don Angelo est mort (1973), The Farmer (1977) and Les abeilles (1978) did not help in the long run.On TV, Angel played a season on the short-lived Search (1972), and showed up in scores of guest spots as either a fetching diversion or fetching part of the action in such shows as Les mystères de l'Ouest (1965), Mannix (1967), Sergent Anderson: Task Force: Part I (1976), K 2000 (1982) and Simon et Simon (1981). She continued into the 80s but her filming remained standard. Playing a stripper who divorces Charles Bronson in La loi de Murphy (1986), later film appearances include the action-filled Psycho Killer (1989), Crack House (1989) and Extreme Honor (2001). A dedicated SAG board member all these years, Angel's multiple runs for the presidency have thus far been unsuccessful.

  • Birthday

    Dec 20, 1942
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    Albany, California, USA

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