Aleksandr Molochnikov

Aleksandr Molochnikov

director, actor, writer

Aleksandr Molochnikov was born on Apr 14, 1992 in Russia. Aleksandr Molochnikov's big-screen debut came with Chempiony directed by Artyom Aksenenko in 2014, strarring Sasha.

Actor, director of theatre and cinema, Alexander Molochnikov in the 10 years of his professional career, was nominated twice for the Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask", participated in the Seattle International Film Festival, the Sochi Open Russian Film Festival and the Moscow International Film Festival, twice awarded the Oleg Tabakov Prize and is the holder of a special prize of the Russian National Theatre Prize "Harlequin". Unique, creative boldness as well as courage of the mind and talent all make Molochnikov a bright and outstanding figure within contemporary cinema and theatre arts in Russia.Alexander Molochnikov was born in 1992 in St. Petersburg. In 2012, he received a place at the largest European, and one of the most globally significant universities, the Russian University of Theater Arts at the acting and directing faculty.From 2012-2020 he was a member of the troupe of the Chekhov Moscow Art Theatre - a theatre that has been giving sold-out performances for more than 30 years. In 2014 he received the Oleg Tabakov Prize for his leading role in the play "The Amazing Journey of Edward Rabbit" and in 2015 his performance for this role was awarded a special jury prize, the Russian National Theatre Award "Harlequin".The same year, Alexander Molochnikov released his first play as a writer and director "19.14" onto the stage of the Moscow Art Theatre, a story about the tragedies of soldiers during the First World War, told in the genre of cabaret. In 2015, Molochnikov's second production premiered on the Moscow Art Theatre Stage - "Rebels", a rock-play based on historical themes. That same year he once again became a laureate of the Oleg Tabakov Prize for staging the play "19.14". The third directorial project on the stage of the Moscow Art Theatre was the play "19.17" - Molochnikov's view on the revolution 100 years on, a dystopian tale told in the genre of an entertaining historical and political blockbuster for which it became a nominee for the prestigious Russian National Theatre Award "Golden Mask".Despite the active work in theatre and the stage of the Moscow Art Theatre (more than 15 roles), Molochnikov has also developed his cinematic career (more than 20 roles). In 2017 he made his directorial debut in the film "The Myths", a comedy which participated in the Sochi Open Russian Film Festival.The reality short-film "Escape to Arizona", where Molochnikov not only played the main role but also directed and wrote the film, was presented at the 41st Moscow International Film Festival in 2019. That same year, Alexander Molochnikov staged the opera "Telephone. Medium" by G. C. Menotti at the Bolshoi Theatre.In 2020 Molochnikov decided to leave the troupe of the Moscow Art Theatre and began cooperating with the Theatre on Malaya Bronnaya where he directed the play "Bulba. Feast" - fantasies based on Gogol's themes, a modern interpretation of classical history, which has made its way onto the theatrical stage. A history outside of our time which still shows the urgency of issues in today's modern reality.Molochnikov's cinematic directorial work "Tell Her", released in 2020, participated in the 47th Seattle International Film Festival, Sochi Open Russian Film Festival and the Moscow International Film Festival. In 2021, the world premiere of the ballet "The Seagull. Interrupted Flight" staged by Molochnikov took place on the stage of the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow - a ballet interpretation of Chekhov's play, presented in the program at the "Golden Mask" in 2022, under the Best Production nomination.In addition to his directing and acting activities in theatre, he continues to act in the most ambitious and anticipated TV and film projects of 2022.

  • Birthday

    Apr 14, 1992
  • Place of Birth

    Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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