Adolf Galland

Adolf Galland

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Adolf Galland was born on Mar 19, 1912 in Germany. Adolf Galland's big-screen debut came with The Battle of Britain directed by Guy Hamilton in 1969.

Born in 1912 Adolf Galland became the youngest "General der Jagdflieger" (General of Fighters) in November 1941 at the age of 29. One of Germany's best known Luftwaffe Aces with 104 "kills", Galland was also famous for his alleged remark "give me a staffel of Spitfires". This remark was allegedly made during the actual Battle of Britain in 1940 to Hermann Göring when he questioned the bravery of the escort pilots led by Galland. However Galland denied he ever made the remark. Adolf Galland was seen by Allied pilots as a brave adversary who cared about those around him. He died at age 83 on February 9, 1996.

  • Birthday

    Mar 19, 1912
  • Place of Birth

    Westerholt, Lower Saxony, Germany

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